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Applying digital skills

Learn how to embed digital skills

Image of a session planner

We've produced a series of session planners to support the embedding of digital skills and collaboration into lesson delivery.

There are currently session planners for: Art and Design, Construction, Functional English, Functional Maths, Hair and Beauty, Hospitality and Catering, Sports and Fitness.

Digital skills Starters and EndersImage of the Digital skills starters and enders card.

This pack of simple activities encourages learners to engage with digital technologies and  develop digital literacies. The cards outline short (5 – 10 minute) digital skills building activities that you can use at the start or end of workshops, training or education sessions. It builds on the communication and maths cards produced by the Foundation in 2017. 

Engaging in the activities will help people to develop confidence and abilities with digital skills enabling them to use digital tools and systems more effectively. This is particularly important not only for personal safeguarding and wellbeing but for future employability and lifelong learning.

The Digital skills Starters and Enders cards can either be downloaded or for a laminated set of cards for use within your prison  email:

ReportsImage of the report successfully using ICT to support learning in the secure estate

Our research report Successfully using ICT to support learning in the secure estate undertaken following recommendations to improve access to and use of technology within prison education provision has been published. It includes examples of successful use of ICT to support learning in prison.


Professional Development Opportunites

Join events and courses

Would you like to improve your digital skills? The Foundation has a range of courses available including the Applying Digital Skills online courses. Practitioners  can select one of the seven short (5 GLH) courses. Whilst the supported online courses are self-paced, there is an expectation that they are completed within four weeks. The courses are given below, follow the links to find out more and to book a place.

Applying your digital skills in teaching and learning

On our News and Events page we highlight events and courses relevant to the sector.

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Explore our resources

We have a wide variety of resources that can help you to develop your practice. You'll find resources relevant to the web page you're exploring at the bottom of that page.

Watch our short video or read the Using Technology chapter in our teaching and learning toolkit guide introducing you to some of the resources below and raising key questions for you to consider. 

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Successfully using ICT to support learning in the secure estate

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